Issue One
Stony Expressions: Facing Facts about
Monumental Faces

“In the middle '60s, when I first apprehended the M&O Man, he was the ideal symbol of difference for Livingston. He wasn't the conformist culture or the freak-out culture. He was our saucy cigar sign from another realm. The realm of the stone faces.”
A Little Not-Music: Adventures in the String Trade
“I didn't care much for orchestral music, having played far too much of it back in high school. But where better to meet amateur musicians than in an amateur orchestra?”

My Days of Engine Whine and Strawberries
“The strawberry harvest lasts six to eight weeks, and during that time he sets up several roadside stands for selling berries. I let Mike know that I would be interested in working for him on weekends at one of the Raleigh spots.”