Issue Two
20th Century Essentials
The last half of the century was beset by intensive “style wars” wherein critics and composers wed to one style or another attempted to marginalize the supporters and practitioners of other styles — to silence them.

The New Heavy
This is why a band like Korn, whose guitar and bass strings are practically falling off, are not Heavy. They create a static throb, like some sort of large machine, and after about five minutes the sound is intolerable-listening to one of their albums is like working in a metal shop.

How MP3s Made A Music Fan Out Of Me
I blame They Might Be Giants. And of course there’s the little matter of Apple’s culpability for the iPod to take into account.
You Think You Really Know Me: An Interview with Gary Wilson
To my surprise, John Cage invited me to his house, and we went over my scores. I went to his house for three days. I was only 14 years old.

Richard Thomspon: More Guitar
It’s become something of a ritual for critics to start their reviews of Richard Thompson’s work by scratching their heads over why he is not a household name on a rank with John Lennon or Neil Young.

Planting Together: An Interview with Iron & Wine
It’s pretty easy to strip the music down. In fact, we sometimes strip them down more than what’s on the record.

Sadism and Perversity At Work
Miles Davis In Person Friday And Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk, Complete

Brothers In Arms

Reissues from The Blasters and Rank & File
Does It Help When You Close Your Eyes?: An Interview with Jean Smith of Mecca Normal
Getting older as an artist is different than other ways of going through life. I have not been worn down by the world; I feel my best work is ahead of me.

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