Issue Eight

Film School in 93 Minutes
Woody Allen’s Annie Hall

Domo Arigato, Motherfuckers!
How Styx Made a Rock Geek out of Me

My Favorite Flag
A Hitler Youth

Old Heroes and Aging Icons
The Action Star in His Sunset Years

Let It Slide
My Trombone Years

Jake in a Box
Thackray Reconsidered

I Wanna Be Your Joyce Davenport
Hill Street Blues Roll Call

The Spirit of Radio: WNEW and Me
With Apologies to Geddy Lee and No Apologies to Anyone Else

An Elegant Trap
Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

The Old Unreliable
A Kindly Contemplation of P.G. Wodehouse

Still Not Ready for Prime Time
Saturday Night’s Early Years

Waiting for Someone or Something to Show You the Way
How a quinseptuagenuple-platinum art-rock band helped turn me on to the funk

The Counterweight
Thomas Pynchon’s Rebel Lit Rethought

Rogue Islands
How I Broke My Brain at an Early Age

Back to the Basics
Danville Days

Evolution of a Cinephile
My Movie Life