Letter from the Editors

Issue 3

We at the High Hat are thrilled to buck the odds to deliver this, our third issue. Although we are not on any kind of regular schedule, establishing a regular publication schedule is a goal for 2004, as is a print anthology of the first year.

This issue marks the first High Hat in which we have dropped our political Screeds department in favor of a new section for special features, Potlatch. The Potlatch department for this issue contains Top Tens for 2003 from some of our regular writers as well as a first-time contributor. The Algonquin Kids’ Table for Issue #3 will be devoted to discussion of these and other Top Ten lists. We hope you enjoy the lists and the discussion.

We also want to heartily congratulate Dana Knowles, whose brilliant read of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs from Issue #2 received a Cinemarati Award nomination in the Exceptional Achievement in Criticism category, alongside other such up-and-comers as Robin Wood in Cinéaction and Armond White in the New York Press.

Last, but certainly not least, joining our burgeoning editorial board for this issue is the multi-talented Leonard Pierce. Leonard and Gary Mairs, who joined us for the last issue, have done an enormous amount of work on this issue and helped to shape the standards for High Hat articles for all issue yet to come. Besides Leonard and Gary, Don Slutes continues to volunteer as our copy-editor and coder, Herb Robinson still provides us with valuable server space and technical help, and Lee Caulfield still designs our lovely front page.

Please read on, and we hope you enjoy it!

Hayden, Bill, Gary, Leonard and Don