Letter From The Editor

We released this issue a week before Robert Altman’s death. We wanted to honor his career before this prolific, long-lived filmmaker passed away, and just managed to do so.

At Ernst Lubitsch’s funeral, Billy Wilder said, “No more Lubitsch.” William Wyler responded, “Worse than that. No more Lubitsch pictures.” Altman had been on a great run in his last years, producing major work long after we had any right to expect it. This makes the news of his death that much sadder: we’ll never see new Altman.

We’d like to thank esteemed contributors Dana Knowles and Tom Block, who came up with the idea of an Altman tribute. We decided to let our long-cherished dream of an all-Jandek music issue slide yet again (which, at the rate we’re going, means he’ll get a Grammy before we manage to put one together) and push to get this one out on time. With only seven months between issues, we’re on track to become something one might call a magazine without air quotes and a dismissive chortle. Which is, of course, our fondest hope.

Paul Hernandez deserves credit, yet again, for whipping the rest of the editorial staff into shape. Heather Hernandez is rumored to have contributed some editing here and there, though she’s going to have to apply for the job like everyone else if she wants a byline. (Sorry, Heather, but rules are rules. And be sure to check the spelling for “Jandek” before you code this.) The rest of us, well, we really appreciated Dana and Tom's idea and Paul's hard work.