Fall 2007

Letter from the Editor



Four Places
Real or Otherwise

The Persona of Places

“9/11 Was Four Years Ago, Champ. Get a Grip.”
Rescue Me and World Trade Center

A Place to Land
America Through the Eyes of Ives and Agee

Driving as a Culture-Specific Syndrome

“Somebody’s Got to Dig in the Damn Ground”
Breece Pancake, Stuck In West Virginia

To Trip the Urban Fantastic
Roma and Tokyo-ga

The Bottom Shelf
Maine Attractions

Pops & Clicks


Brian Wilson
Surf Pagan

Peace, Lowe and Understanding
The Music of Nick Lowe


The Reagan Diaries
A Simple Reminder

Epic of Ambivalence
Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise


Different Destinies
An Interview with Alex Ross

The Bat of Damocles
A Horrifying Look at the Red Sox’s Other Curse

Eat the World
The Age of Culinary Post-Modernism


They Don’t Use Straitjackets Anymore?
Mental Illness in Popular Media

Something Like an Obituary
Cinema’s Summer of Loss

The Forgotten Actor
George Segal

Alone and Forsaken
Images of Man at the Mercy of Nature in Gerry, Grizzly Man, Survivorman, and Man Vs. Wild


Ten Shows In Search of a Cult
A Future for Forgotten TV

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